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[Rich Woman]

My husband is on a mid-life journey.  He has turned the corner from working a steady job to a life of adventure. He’s dipped his toes (well, he actually jumped into the deep end) and is a rising associate with a fascinating and fast-growing legal protection company.

Why did we ever settle for the norm?

So, this blog is a tribute to his visionary spirit and (hopefully) will inspire others to begin the journey of adventure also. Jose has begun the adventure, but your adventure might be different.

He has been talking (constantly) about the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  I broke down, looked it up and found a book by his wife.  She’s an adventurer in her own right and has written the book Rich Woman. 

It’s good.

Do you want to be financially free to do…anything?

The book is friendly and easy to grasp and will make you believe you can do anything.  And, you can.

More soon,


Please contact us about making residual income from home, and working to get out of debt. We are friendly and bilingual en espanol.

photo credit: Tim Wright


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