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[ 2 Sides. You Choose.]


Has it ever happened to you?

You tell your story, plead your case.  You tell it to the judge, your boss, a friend, or a family member.

Are they on your side?  Maybe and maybe not.

Perhaps they already heard the other side and now they don’t believe you. You feel misunderstood.

That happened to us in September 2016. We had our story and it was the truth.

The other side had their own story 😊 We were caught in a frigid stalemate.

Our dear friend got caught in the middle. He assured us:

Don’t worry.  I know there are two sides to every story.

That made us feel better.  But, unfortunately, we still had to deal with the situation.  We needed a lawyer’s help.

We didn’t have the money for that.

But we needed an advocate, someone who knew the system, and someone that had the power – and the letterhead– to wield influence.

So, our lawyer wrote a few e-mails and she sent a few letters.

The good news: we got our point across, and no further action was needed.

The bad news: it cost us a few thousand dollars for those few letters.

This is what we didn’t know:

If we had been members of a fast-growing legal protection service we could have had letters drafted and sent for free — just because we are members.  We could have had all the consultations we needed until the problem was resolved.

There are two sides to this story:

  • One side offers a bounty of legal help for a small monthly fee.

  • The other side offers high hourly rates — but you do receive lots of legal jargon thrown in for free.  Hmm….


You choose. Please contact us for the best legal protection service available — at the touch of an app. 




Photo Credit: Vincent van Zalinge


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