book review

[Works Well With Others]


I just finished reading:

Works Well With Others: shaking hands, shutting up, and other crucial skills in business that no one ever teaches you by Ross McCammon.

I have to confess that there were some sections I skipped.

There were chapters totally devoted to drinking alcohol, *proper* use of profanity and other things I’ve chosen not to include in my life.

I know we are weird, but in our house, we don’t even use the phrase “that sucks.”

That said,

I laughed so hard while reading the rest of the chapters I almost wet my pants.

I am a homeschooling mom. I am a former schoolteacher, now occasionally freelancing and making stuff to sell online.

I don’t know any famous people, and I’m happily disengaged with the corporate world.

But, I found some nuggets of truth that a person like me can apply to her cherished, but somewhat tiny world:

  • It’s okay to feel like an outsider. (I don’t remember why.  I’ll have to re-read and re-laugh that chapter.)
  • Smile.  It’s attractive.  It’s powerful– for you and the person you’re smiling at.
  • Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something. Ask questions.
  • Don’t be late. Do what it takes to value an appointment enough to be on time for it.
  • Mistakes aren’t failure.  Mistakes are an expected part of life, jobs and new ventures.  Make mistakes early and learn from them.
  • Err on the side of brevity when writing e-mails and reporting progress to others. Assumed for professional applications, this is equally valuable in the home. Long, meandering explanations thwart meaning. I see the glazed look in my loved ones’ eyes when I travel down verbal paths.
  • A toast is a valued ritual and should be delivered sans notes.  Sentiment is the key; don’t try to make people laugh. I’ve never given a toast, but I can think of times when I should have.  Now, I will be ready.
  • Sprezzatura!  I like this concept and may write a blog post on this one alone…

Have you read a book recently that you loved and laughed over? 





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