Italian, manners, style

[ Sprezzatura!]

Unrushed composure through the streets of Rome — all while looking great and maintaining a handsomely stoic facial expression.


  • It’s an Italian word, originating from Castiglione’s 16th century book:  The Book of the Courtier.
  • Style that looks elegant, not appearing that you tried hard to get there
  • Graceful restraint; perhaps a holding of one’s tongue.
  • The ability to disguise what one really desires, feels, thinks, and means or intends behind a mask of apparent reticence and nonchalance.”
  • Studied carelessness
  • Draping a throw blanket over the corner of a sofa, making it look like an artistic accident.


to be cool, decisive, precise —

yes, while the barn door hits you in the face.”

— Frank O’Hara

Photo taken from stock images of the 1953 film Roman Holiday, starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.











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