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[ Coffee & Legal Issues ]

Coffee ~ a good thing.
Legal Issues ~  not so much.


If you love buying coffee drinks at Starbucks —

You’re not alone.

Many people — like me — grab their Blonde Flat Whites or their Caramel Lattes or their Frappucinos, spending an average minimum of around $3.00 per day.

Coffee, to many of us, seems like an essential.

So is legal help —  when you need it.

You can be a good person, obeying the speed limit and following the rules.

Then, suddenly, you need a lawyer.

One day, we were minding our own business — just drinking our coffee.

Then, suddenly — we needed a lawyer.  We didn’t have legal protection at the time.  We ended up paying a few thousand dollars for phone help and a few letters drafted on our behalf.

Charged by the hour, legal services can really add up.

Here in the United States, small town attorneys generally charge between $100 and $200 per hour. Attorneys working in small to medium cities charge between $200 to $400. Attorneys working in NYC are the highest-paid, with an average hourly rate of over $700 per hour.

You got your $3 a day coffee.

Would you pay a mere $1 a day for legal help?

The legal protection company we work with is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind.  There’s no one else like it.

For a low monthly rate (around $1 / day) you can have legal help at the touch of an app.

  • You can get a will drafted for free when you’re a member.
  • The excellent lawyers can draft letters for you, help you retrieve money back from scammers, or encourage a customer to pay her bill.
  • These lawyers will review your legal documents — up to 15 pages.
  • The high quality lawyers with this legal protection company are real people. 
  • The lawyers are local to your area. You won’t be speaking with an attorney based in Antarctica.

Someone told us that signing up for monthly legal protection is a no-brainer.

We lift our mochas high and give a hearty toast to that.

Please contact us for more information and sign up for legal protection & peace of mind today. 

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