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[Lawyer Accountability]


We recently received a bill from a lawyer we had used shortly before we joined a monthly legal service. 

Our former lawyer, thinking that she was still our lawyer, received some correspondence and charged us for her time.

The bill looked a little like this:

  1. Received letter –  15 minutes — $70.00
  2. Drafted response –  6 minutes   — $28.00
  3. Brief communication with lawyer – 10 minutes  — $32.00

I Googled, “Lawyer Accountability” today.

The page was slow; I thought it was going to come up blank.

But, finally, here is what I got:

Lawyer Accountability: ​The legal profession is largely self-regulated, which makes it difficult for bad lawyers to be held accountable to their clients. … Lawyers claim that they need not be subject to such regulations because they are held accountable by various state Bar rules governing attorney conduct. (from

Now, as members, we pay a small monthly fee.

The monthly fee equals approximately what some lawyers charges for 5 minutes of their time.

Members get advice, phone calls, and letters drafted — whatever is needed to resolve an issue.

Approximately one hour of a lawyer’s time = approximately what you pay per year for membership in

It’s smart, it’s easy…and it’s self-regulated — by you.

Please contact us for the best monthly legal protection out there. 


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