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[ 5 Things to Know ]


You’ve heard it often enough.

People repeat the words “identity theft” often enough to make this phrase something we ignore.

If fraud or identity theft has happened to you, you might not ignore the warnings anymore, but here are some reminders to which we can all listen:

1.Only a Little

Thieves don’t need the whole package to gain your credit card number.  A small piece of it can allow them to access the rest of the number, plus other personal data. Be careful of seemingly innocent information you share on social media or job search sites.  Never list your full birthdate, home address or telephone number. Bad sorts can use this to complete a picture of your identity and use it for their unscrupulous gain.

2. Search Engine Poisoning

Thieves can manipulate search engines so bad sites move to the top of search engine results.  A phony website can look like the real things, wooing you to click on it and enter personal info. (Have you ever Googled your bank name or credit card company?) This info then gets fed to identity thieves.

3. Beware of Fake Hotspots.

You know those clever hotspot names you see when connected at your local coffee shop? One of these may be an insidious way for thieves to access your personal information, passwords, usernames, and credit cards.   Never connect to an unknown site, and beware of sites that look generic.  When connecting to any public sites – even the reputable sounding ones — be cautious.

4.Theft via Gaming

People open accounts to play online games, and this is one new access point for theft. Don’t input your personal info when prompted by an inquisitive e-mail.  Only login from secure websites, and don’t expose yourself to an infectious scam.


5.Identity Shield

PC Mag gave a glowing review of the company that restores your stolen identity to pre-theft status. For more information on the best identity protection out there, please contact us!

This is a summary of what they said:

This identity protection service offers the same monitoring provided by other top-tier identity theft providers, but it distinguishes itself with a pricing plan that lets you enroll the whole family without breaking the bank. That’s a neat trick, because its most prominent competitor, LifeLock, charges you a pretty penny to protect your whole family…

Your identity is more valuable than any asset you currently insure or protect. Guard it with your life.


Photo credit:Jaanus Jagomägi


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