[ The Personal Hindrance ]

This blog post is re-posted from the blog Just the Thought, which belongs to my 17-year old son.

His words got me to think. I hope they do the same for you.


What is holding you back the most from achieving your goals and dreams?

Recently I listened to a podcast that was discussing our habit of staying in our comfort zone. This really got me thinking about my own life, about the times I really wanted to do something, but then ended up talking myself out of it.

You can see the evidence of this happening everywhere today. A person’s comfort zone is what is causing the aspiring entrepreneur to keep working for others. It keeps someone from skydiving, traveling or sharing Christ with coworkers. I’m sure most people know the feeling when they have something important to say in front of a crowd, but instead, they do what is comfortable, they stay silent.

The mind has an incredible ability to make aspirations seem out of reach. The fact is unless you feel some discomfort you really aren’t growing. The longer you remain with what is easy for you, the harder it will be to do something different later in life. Being homeschooled, I think it is hard to not experience this in some form. I’ve had to do many things that I have resisted because of what I’m used to. But in the end, it really helped me face some sort of fear I was holding on to. Still though, it is hard for me to do things I am not accustomed to, but those experiences shape me in unspeakable ways. Even undertaking the small discomforts can lead to an ability for greater accomplishments later.

It is far better to look back later in life and say “well, at least I tried,” than it is to say, “I wish I would have.”

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Just The Thought:

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