legal help

[ Good People Need Legal Help Too ]

Mochas are great.  But peace of mind is better.

In the last week we have heard from two personal friends that need legal help.

  • Jack has been living in an apartment that is riddled with mold.  He and his daughter have become seriously ill.  They are trying to get the attention of their landlord, who is not listening.  They need a friend.  They need an advocate. They need someone to intercede for them.  But they aren’t rich.  They met with my husband to find out how to get good legal advice and assistance his company provides.


  • Marco has his own roofing business.  He has worked hard to build an excellent and reputable 14-year track record of happy customers.  A month ago, he ran into a customer who didn’t understand the agreement and is now taking legal action. This honest businessman is now facing legal fees to fix a problem he didn’t cause. Marco talked incessantly about his problem until my husband quietly reminded him what he does.  “Oh yeah. that’s right.  That’s the stuff you’ve been talking to me about?  Sign me up — right now!”

They are going to be amazed.  What costs most people an exorbitant, vague, by-the-hour attorney fee for consultation will cost them nothing with their monthly membership.

(The monthly membership fee is less than 4 Starbucks mochas.)

They will receive the help of topnotch, local lawyers at the touch of an app.

“Why don’t more people know about this?” Jack asks.

“I can’t afford lawyer fees.  This is what I need.” Marco says.

If you’re a good person, you should know that even good people face the need for a lawyer sometimes.

And if you’re not a good person, you already know you need a good lawyer sometimes.

Please contact us for the best, most convenient legal assistance available.  

Monthly membership allows you to contact a lawyer through a handy dandy app.

(And, they will actually return your call within hours.)

It’s all better than 4 mochas…and it lasts longer, too.

Habla Espanol.



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