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[ Be My Own Boss? Never.]

I hear about people who leave the traditional workplace and work from home.

Start a business? Be my own boss? Set my own hours? Work in comfortable clothes?

That’s cheating, isn’t it?

Me — I love the quick a.m. shower and the scalding, brief gulps of coffee.

I embrace the morning wrestling match with my pantyhose.

These all wake me up.

Rush-hour traffic provides a tight, secure sense of community. We’re a slow-moving, robotic mass, oozing into the city to the beat of the rising sun.

The steel, the glass, the diesel fumes wrap around me as I click my way along the familiar pavement.

Blank-faced strangers and I — together we strum a monotonous, mercenary rhythm.


I know which rung on the ladder is mine. It’s right near the bottom — and I’ve been there so long, it’s like a second home.

Small talk at the coffee pot, and drama in the lunchroom — office perks for free.

You gotta love the numbers — the paycheck is predictable.


I drive home zapped…but content in a zombie-like way.

Why would anyone ever mess with a good thing?

Be my own boss? Never.

(c) Lisa M. Luciano

Do you agree? We’d love to hear from you.

We do know people that could steer you out of the rat race. But you’d have to give up the routine, the drama, and your spot on the convenient, low rung of the ladder. Consider yourself warned.

Photo credits:

Skyscrapers: Benjamin Combs

Crosswalk: Kumoma Lab

Five O-Clock: LUM3N


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