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[ Adversity– A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing?]


“Failure is success in progress.” — Albert Einstein

Anyone who is on the *fun side* of success has probably waded through some amount of struggling to get there.

We all want success, but perhaps we resist the very thing that puts us on the path to success.

  • Many of us have either taken hold of an opportunity, or turned our back on it, or tried but failed.
  • Possibly we were blinded to the opportunity altogether.
  • We look a challenge in the eye, it scares us, and we back down.
  • We take problems as a sign that we aren’t headed in the right direction.
Fiery trials can cause us to reconsider…or give up.

But, what if adversity is the very tool that propels us to greatness?

Recently, we listened to Mike speak to our small networking group.

He chronicled the downers of his own life to show us how adversity motivated him to jump onto the course that led him to where he is today.

  • Mike is now a wealthy man who chooses whether or not he works each day.
  • His residual income (that he worked hard for) works for him in his absence.
  • Mike’s story is real.

A job upheaval at over age 55 got my husband to launch himself onto OUR present path.

We are still in the “trials stage.”– the *not-so-fun* side of success.

So, it was affirming to hear Mike’s story.

I’m planning to keep talking about the upside of adversity…like:

How does adversity build CHARACTER?

Comment if you can 🙂

Contact us to find out about the best kept secret in network marketing companies. To quote Mike: “You guys are sitting on a gold mine.”

(c) Lisa M. Luciano

Photo Credits:

canine:Josh Felise

fire:Jordon Conner


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