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[ What is Your Life Worth?]

This is a blog post taken from another blog entitled: Just the Thought. 

by Gino T. Luciano, age 17.


Many have heard the saying “time is money”… but how many people stop to think about this statement?”


The reality is, time is nothing like money.


At the beginning of human existence, time was given out to every person who would ever exist.

Some life-spans could be measured in years while others could be measured by seconds.

The fact is: no person on earth knows how much time they have left in their account.

Because of this fact, the value of time is astronomically more than any amount of money.

But there are so many people working for money as if it is the biggest asset one can attain, and while they search for ways to attain great wealth they squander their most precious earthly possession. The world is full of young adults using their best years making one hundred bucks a day.

Do you really count eight hours of life at such a low price? Of course, it should be said that there are more important things than money. Many people work for free, doing volunteer work for different organizations. In a way, this might place a higher price on your time than a job that pays minimum wage. This person is doing something that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

In the end, though, it really comes down to what you think your life is worth. Time moves by at an incredible rate, it is important to make your life count for something, however long you have left.

Word Prompt: Rejuvenate

Photo Credit: Aron


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